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Why Yanofsky Wealth Management

1. Independence – We have over 50 years of combined experience, we know how to run this business!

2. We have no proprietary product goals; our clients are our greatest asset and the products we provide are for you.

3. Our assistant is free for white glove service, with no bonuses tied to banking products and can use his or her personal touch to meet client needs exclusively.

4. We are partners with FFEC. They work with us to enhance our business and our compliance.

5. Our accounts and sales activity are monitored to protect us and you. Management works with us to help protect our business and your best interest.

6. Ability to set fees as we see fit. Our overhead is far less, we choose to pass that savings on to the client.

7. Clients, not customers. We take our integrity seriously and do so without constraint from the bank looking to poach our client relationships.

8. Being entrepreneurial allows us the freedom to focus on your needs; plus it’s fun. Work should be fun!  

9. We take accounts of any size. If we like you and you like us, let us help you.

10. We pay for premium research through Morningstar and S&P. We can use outside research without question or restraint. The independence of the research is important without investment banking relationships.